• Fast and Efficient Repair

  • No Surprises!
    We update our customers throughout the repair!

  • Highly Trained Technicians ready to solve your problems!
Here at Technology Tailor Made, we’ve seen it all! Does your computer, PC, or desktop need any sort of repair services? We’ve got you covered. Our skilled experts can relieve you of this headache with a fast turnaround and a budget-friendly cost for all your repair needs!

Computer Repair

Desktop & laptop computer repair in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. We repair and upgrade many different models of PCs and Laptops.

Hard Drive Repair

We see many common problems with hard drives, and replacement is one of our most common repairs. We have replaced and or repaired many hard drives. Leave your worries to the experts. 

Cracked Device Screen

We offer the best screen repair for any device. We have many screens in stock which can save you time and money off of the repair.

Virus, Malware, and Adware Removal

 If you have pop up’s, or your computer is running very slow, then we can help! Call us today or bring it in to our shop.

Windows & Mac Operating System Problems

Is your operating system running slower than molasses? Starts up but crashes a lot? Either way, you need to be able to depend on your machine operating at an optimal level provided by our team of experts. Call us or stop in today.


We charge $45.00 to take the time and troubleshoot your device. If there is work to be done then we apply that $45.00 to the repair. So it does not cost much to troubleshoot your problems.